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Our journal is unique, the only meeting-place for librarians, booksellers and those who collect books. Launched in its present form by Ian Fleming, Foreign Editor of The Sunday Times and not yet famous for James Bond, John Hayward, the already famous Editor of The Penguin Book of English Verse, and Percy Muir, doyen of the antiquarian book trade, it demanded the highest standards of book-production. For more than sixty years, during which the book trade has passed through changes undreamed of when The Book Collector was launched, those standards have been maintained. For the last twenty-five years, the responsibility for those standards has rested squarely on the shoulders of Stanley Lane.


Every issue, four times a year, carries the individual mark of his hand. The least detail of the composition of the types involved will have been carefully weighed and the right decision taken. His care has even extended to the text; like the great readers at the University Presses, he has sometimes found and corrected errors left by authors or editors. When the last correction has been made and the issue locked up for the press, we know that his care will not let up, and the printed page will be as perfect an image of the text. Our journal needs and receives unique care. We try to live up to the standard that he sets for us.


Nicolas Barker

Former Editor of The Book Collector

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Stan Lane of Gloucester Typesetting for over 30 years. During this time Stan has supplied The Folio Society with Monotype typesetting and repro pulls for countless volumes, and in some cases has gone on to print the books themselves by letterpress. Stan’s technical expertise is incomparable and his eye for excellence of layout has time and again proved invaluable to us.


Joe Whitlock Blundell

The Folio Society

Stan knows more about typography and the setting of type than most designers I’ve ever met.


Prof. Phil Cleaver

et al design consultants

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